The IDigBest system was created through 25 years of experience at the controls of an excavator. This system enables the operator to dig a prefect grade, while verifying the progress in REAL TIME. All digging is done automatically without leaving the cab and without relying on a “shot man”. 


Through many patented software enhancements and breakthroughs, the grade assist system can turn any excavator or backhoe into a precision measuring tool. The information available at the operator’s finger tips is something that was just not possible before. Elevations for an entire site can be entered into the system within seconds, giving the operator real-time information at a glance, reducing the risk of human errors because of manual operation.


The most exciting and ground-breaking technology of the IDigBest system is the true MACHINE CONTROL for excavators and backhoes. A patented “valve pack” coupled with the grade assist system, allows operators to dig and maintain perfect grade through the entire stroke of the machine. This is accomplished through a patented technique known as “flat bucketing”. Once the system is engaged, any bucket that is calibrated into the software automatically turns to grade, horizontal and/or vertical and stays on that grade while the operator pulls back on the controls. At the end of the cycle, the system is disengaged with the tap of a thumb, and the excavator or backhoe functions as normal.

What is left behind is a ditch on perfect grade, slope or profile, crumb free and without a “shot man” having to check for accuracy.

Flexcavators Canada Ltd. is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor, installer and service provider for the IDigBest system.

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