Since 2000, HSP Gripen of Sweden has become a leading company in grapple manufacturing.


Hailing from an industry with forestry experience, Gripen has developed grapple saws that work with the tiltrotator system and that fit urban area needs.


Gripen grapples:

  • Maintain high productivity and fast paced work

  • Are low profile and lightweight, take up little space and are easy to transport

  • Provide power and efficiency in confined areas


The grapple saw is a smart and innovative accessory used for: length cutting, cutting bioenergy materials or tree parts and removals. It is also suitable to use on service vehicles such as a multi-use backhoe.


It is ideal for cutting and clear-cutting work in city environment or in association with storm damages.


Flexcavators Canada Ltd. sell, install, maintain and service the Gripen grapple saw anywhere in North America.



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